Become The TechSaksham Faculty Ambassador 

The program will also provide a roadmap to faculty members attending the training to become the Faculty Ambassador. Post the FDP, teachers will be encouraged and supported with technical mentorship, as relevant to become The Leader of change. The teachers will be recognized in the program based on their post workshop engagements. Given below is the roadmap: 

The Leader of change Framework: 

  • Strengthen your technical skills by continuous learning through Microsoft and SAP e-learning platforms and certifications 
  • Teachers will be provided with the following framework to implement their newly acquired skills from training to: 
    • Conduct seminars, bootcamps and the workshop sessions for their students on the technologies learnt in training. Continuous technical support will be provided for teachers, as relevant. 
    • Mentor their student in their related project-work by leveraging their learning from training program.  
    • Share feedback and success stories of themselves and their students of leveraging the technology learnt in the program.  
  • Top 50 faculty members will be recognized as “The TechSaksham Ambassador” at National level on scoring maximum “The Leader of change points”.  
  • Every faculty member will be recognized as “The Leader of Change/ Program Champions” at regional level on successful completion of at-least two democratizing sessions at their respective college/institutions. 
  • Access and support of Tech Saksham LMS will be provided to all the faculty members to conduct activities, submit feedback and other required details.   
  • Institute will be selected as a regional Nodal center that would lead to increase college visibility by increase in footfall for events in TS program.  

The Leader of change point calculations  

Top 50 faculty members will be recognised as “The Tech Saksham Ambassadors” based on the points scored by them in the program. The Leader of change points will be calculated as follows: 

Sr. No. Category Minimum Duration The Leader of Change points
1.Seminar/Expert Talk1 hour20
2.Bootcamp (Any hands-on session)2 hours50
3.Workshop/training program1 Day (6 hours)100
4.Each student attended the programNA10
5. Student Success Story (any student who did a project/wrote paper/got placement because of your efforts in teaching him the program)Project should be developed in the field200
6.Course completion through e-learning platforms of Microsoft and SAPNA10


#Teacher Name#Students#Seminars#Bootcamps#Workshops#Success Stories#Self-paced CoursesTotal Points

Calculation Example

  • Alen
    • #Seminars – 2 seminars – 20 points / seminar = 40 points
    • #Bootcamps – 3 bootcamps – 50 points / bootcamp = 150 points
    • #Workshops – 2 workshops – 100 points/workshop = 200 points
    • #Students – 50 students – 10 points / student = 500 points
    • #Student success stories- 2 – 200 points/story = 400 points
    • #Courses completed through e-learning platforms of Microsoft and SAP – 7 – 10 points/course = 70
    • Total points = 1360 points

Reporting your activities