I hereby declare and confirm the following: 

  1. I will follow all my classes diligently and will ensure that I comply with attendance and participation norms set by Edunet Foundation as a part of the Tech Saksham Program 
  2. I will actively participate in all activities, including webinars, seminars, projects & assessments – both online and offline – offered by Edunet Foundation as a part of the Tech Saksham Program 
  3. I confirm that I have voluntarily and without any concerns taken to the program and all its accomplishments set by Edunet Foundation as a part of the Tech Saksham Program, and I waive the right to object to any part of the Program or the training rendered in respect thereto.  
  4. I fully understand that Edunet Foundation will only assist me with placement and/or internship if I meet all program requirements. 
  5. I fully understand that Edunet Foundation shall be responsible for the following: 
      • Delivering the Tech Saksham Program, organizing workshops and webinars. 
      • Mentoring me through my project work;  
      • Assessments; 
      • Providing me with access to online content and face to face sessions on employability and career skills;  
      • Connecting me with potential employers, incubators and similar entities for internship and placement. 
  6. I fully understand that I will be responsible for: 
      • Active participation in all program sessions and meeting program requirements fully; 
      • Developing my employability and career skills, including language skills, and creating my profile/portfolio; 
      • Providing accurate and relevant information concerning my educational qualification, interests, experience and other matters 
      • Interview and/or meeting performance. 
  7. I understand that Edunet Foundation is delivering this program for my benefit, on a best-effort basis and that I will not be liable to pay any fees whatsoever to them for any of their work. 
  8. I undertake to hold them harmless from my liability or claims that may arise for any reason. 
  9. My preferred locations are as follows (in order of preference): 
  • Location Preference 1

  • Location Preference 2

  • Location Preference 3