The TechSaksham program embarked on a transformative journey with great enthusiasm with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing. These tracks were carefully designed to cater to the evolving demands of the tech industry, providing students with hands-on experience and real-world projects to bolster their understanding. 

The program’s impact was evident as it quickly gained traction, attracting students from across the nation. Over time, TechSaksham expanded its reach to cover 7 states, establishing its presence in major educational hubs. The program’s growth was astounding, with approx. 9,000 students enrolling in its courses, all eager to explore the world of AI and Cloud Computing. 

The program’s impact extended beyond the classroom, leading to over 1,600 successful placements in more than 350 renowned companies. The industry embraced TechSaksham graduates wholeheartedly, recognizing their practical skills and readiness to contribute from day one.  TechSaksham also fostered strong relationships with more than 900+ colleges. These partnerships allowed the program to reach a broader audience and empower students from various educational institutions, transcending geographical boundaries.