TechSaksham Program (TSP) is a supplementary initiative that employs experiential learning to cultivate employability skills among underserved students pursuing higher education in sciences, computer applications, vocational areas, and engineering. The program accomplishes this by imparting critical skills necessary for securing market jobs. The program follows a two-tiered delivery model. The core program engagement concentrates on learning and acquiring skills to comprehend the application of technology by students. Subsequently, an activity-led modular arrangement is provided to facilitate the practice and implementation of skills under the mentorship of industry experts, ensuring the students’ job readiness. These activities encompass technology bootcamps, interactions with industry experts for knowledge sharing and career guidance, as well as opportunities for collaboration with peers on hands-on projects, and more. The technology domains covered include Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. The program is delivered in a blended mode, combining on-site instructor-led training with online learning, hands-on sessions, and mentoring. Students who successfully complete the program will receive course completion certificates along with placement/internship assistance.